Interview process

What to expect as a candidate when you interview for a role at 11:FS

Interviews at 11:FS

We use a four-stage interview process for all of our open roles, from Graduate through to Executive.

Why? We want to ensure that all of our candidates are given an equal and fair opportunity to impress, while we get truly understand and appreciate what makes each candidate special.

The four-stage process is:

Telephone or video Interview with Talent Team member.
Face-to-face (or video for certain situations) interview with the Hiring Manager and a Peer to assess high level technical suitability, skill sets and values fit.
A second, longer face-to-face interview with Hiring Manager and a Peer, including a technical exercise or task, 11:FS Q&A and values fit.
A final face-to-face with Exec/Management and a Talent Team member for a deep dive on values fit, and further opportunities for the candidate to ask any final questions they may have regarding the role and the company overall.

We truly live our values at 11:FS, and they are critical to your entire journey here.

Cultural fit is as, if not more, important as pure technical fit. As you can see from the outline above, an integral part of your interview process will be deep dive into our values and how you can personally contribute and support them.

The 11:FS values are: Team, Attitude, Communication and Impact.


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