11:FS values

We believe we’re a different type of firm. An intrinsic part of that difference is how we approach company values and our culture.

Our culture

At 11:FS you won’t find motivational posters on the walls of our London or New York offices. What you will find is highly collaborative, passionate people who want to change the fabric of financial services.

We believe that culture is simply a shared way of doing something with passion. It isn’t about conformity but understanding our connective tissue.

We also believe it will be the difference between success and failure. That is why we have committed significant time into defining our values. We also know we’re not done and at this point they are our biases, not blindly and exclusively how we act.

Macro, not micro

We want to continuously create a culture where we macro-manage not micro-manage our talent.

We hire smart people for a reason. They bring their expertise to the table so we want to give them as much responsibility and decision making rights across the piece while providing guidance and advice when needed.

Whether you are new to the company or have been here from the start we push power to the edges and put trust in our people to always do the right thing to the best of their ability. And that comes with knowing what 11:FS values the most.

Our values
1) Team: success is a team sport

Sports teams work collectively to ensure everyone achieves the best possible outcome. Every task relies upon hardworking, dedicated team members in peak mental and physical condition to achieve even the slightest possibility of success.

At 11:FS, we celebrate the small and the big wins. We understand success won’t lead us away from our values or compromise us. We celebrate little achievements, often. Everything we do is in the interest of the team. We always assume positive intent. We look to maximise people’s strengths and reduce the negatives where we can.

2) Communication: we all own our narrative

When we speak, people understand what we say. They don’t need to guess what we do, think or stand for. They know, without a shadow of a doubt, because we tell them. And we back that up with every action we take. In short, we’re credible. We’re authoritative but we’re also fun and unique. Our tone is unmatched in the industry.

3) Attitude: we embrace our weird

At 11:FS we don’t hire square people and then make them fit into a round hole or worse put round people in square holes without the support they need. We encourage our people to be them and the whole of them while they are here. We want them to be the most them they can be, from the way they like to dress and talk, to the way they interact with others. We want authenticity and flavour to our culture.

4) Impact: we punch above our weight

At 11:FS we come together to create our own way, authentically, in whatever we do. We refuse to follow processes that were set out by someone else, for someone else and have inevitably just become buzz terminology. Instead we spend our time curating, making things that are bespoke to us based on what our people need both internally, and for our customers externally.

Do you sound like an 11?

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