How web3 is shaping the future of finance
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A new truly digital, truly global economy
Web3 is a buzzword, and it’s hard to separate hype from fact. We believe it creates new business models and opportunities for our clients but we have to understand what’s different and what’s new.

Whether you’re a crypto-native or trying to wrap your head around web3, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how we break it down.
Why web3 emerged
A quick look back at the conditions that led to the creation of web3 and a comparison to web2.






What is web3?
The killer question. What are the key concepts both in technology and business model?



Decentralised finance


What impact will web3 have?
How to capture the opportunity, avoid risks and make the most of this shift.






Here’s some of the great content you can expect from the report
Blockchain networks
Things that are true about some networks (e.g. Bitcoin has a low transactional rate) are not necessarily true about others.

Some networks are also planning improvements to balance scale, security and decentralisation...
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“Web3 is a new business model for the internet, and the next evolution of the internet itself”

Mauricio Magaldi
Strategy Director, Crypto - 11:FS
Compared to other cryptocurrencies, Stablecoins are less volatile and function in a global, 24/7, near-instant settlement process. Deposits are stable and generate high yield, allowing for trading with stable pairs, easy USD remittances and...
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Meet the author
Mauricio Magaldi — Strategy Director, Crypto at 11:FS
A thought leader on all things blockchain, as well as an experienced business transformation catalyst for financial services, Mauricio is responsible for helping our clients bridge over from traditional finance into DeFi, embracing web3.
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