Venture Building
Product Strategy

Levelling up teams to deliver
world-class propositions

Digital financial services are only 1% finished. This 2 day workshop arms your teams with what they need to deliver the next 99%.

What to expect from the 1% Finished Workshop

Two days of interactive online content, tailored to your business objectives and hosted by some of the greatest minds in fintech

To come out feeling re-inspired, with new tools under your belt to help you deliver new and exciting products

An action plan to to take the output of the workshop back to the wider team and start implementing it

Who will get the most out of the 1% Finished Workshop?

So, you're ambitious and eager to be on the cutting edge, releasing products that challenge the norm. You want to lead the industry. Great! Maybe you're a high performing team already but you want a fresh injection of inspiration. You might be a small team looking to expand to your skillsets and creative thinking. We'll tailor the workshop to you, always with the aim of equipping you to create industry leading products.

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