Embedded Finance
The Financial Services Operating System to power your business

We've built our FS OS with a focus on speed and flexibility so your business can configure and launch unique fintech products.

11:FS Foundry is a FS OS with a modular, ledger-first set of components

Build game changing products

Want customer winning experiences that fuel your business growth? We're re-writing the fintech rulebook so you can build them in weeks, not years.

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Enhance your offering with embedded finance

11:FS Foundry helps your business quickly add fintech to your offering. Grow your revenue by plugging into pre-built finance workflows and digital compliance.

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New banking products, new opportunities

Break free of your legacy banking platform constraints. Launch propositions and create new revenue streams at speed.

The tools you need to build great products

Go from sandbox to launch in no time

11:FS Foundry was built with engineering teams in mind. Our pre-configured integrations and APIs lets them test, refine and ship as quickly as they want to.

11:FS Foundry sandbox visualisation
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Plug & play the best fintech providers

Our platform is vendor-neutral, so your new and existing suppliers can come along for the ride. Say goodbye to vendor lock-in.

Create and configure new products

It couldn't be simpler to configure new features or products, using our prebuilt workflows and plug-ins in one easy-to-use portal.

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Endless possibilities dropped straight into your product

Our growing range of drops are pre-configured offerings that you can repurpose, or use for inspiration. It’s our “here’s one we made earlier” to give you a jumping off point. A springboard into innovation.Explore 11:Money



Add smart rules and automation to SMB accounts with 11:Business

Build next-level business accounts with the power of 11:FS Foundry. 11:Business shows what’s possible with customisable, intelligent workflows and features.

Implement intelligent savings and rewards functionality with 11:Savings

Tap into the full power of the 11:FS Foundry rules engine. Create intelligent autosaves and behaviour based rewards in minutes, not weeks.

Say hello to 11:Money

11:Money is a deposit account concept designed to give your company a headstart to extra revenue by adding a store of funds functionality to your product.

11:FS Foundry is built for people who want to build amazing experiences, but don't want to be held back by core banking. It’s all about helping you grow.

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Drive the pace of change

Reduce your time to market by navigating process, technology and regulation with ease. Stop playing catch-up and start setting the pace.

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Focus on what makes you unique

We've built finance workflows so you don't have to. With 11:FS Foundry, you can focus on creating products that solve your customers' needs and build brand love.

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Innovate like it’s common practice

Build with limitless possibilities. Say goodbye to legacy tech limitations, and tap into fintech expertise you don't have in-house.

Step into fintech

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